Perls Stain Kit (Haematology Version)

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This stain kit is used to demonstrate hemosiderin in bone marrow macrophages and iron within sideroblasts

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Code– 100-200-500-1000
RRSK1653 x 50ml3 x 100ml3 x 250ml3 x 500ml


Kit Contains:
Perls Stain A: Hydrochloric Acid Solution 2%
Perls Stain B: Potassium Ferrocyanide Solution 2%
Counterstain: Neutral Red Solution 0.5%

General Information:
Procedure Time : 30 minutes (approximate)
Shelf Life: 3 Years (from date of manufacture)
Storage: Perls A & Perls B 2-8 °C. Neutral Red 15-25 °C

Nuclei:                 Red
Ferric Iron:         Blue


Preparation of Perls Ferrocyanide Solution:
Perls A 2.5ml, Perls B 2.5ml
Mix immediately before use. Must be freshly prepared for staining. Ammount of A & B solution used
depends on number of slides to be stained.
1. Fix the slides in suitable fixative such as methanol for 10-20 minutes. Leave to air dry
2. Treat slides with Perls ferrocyanide solution for 20 minutes
3. Wash in running tap water
4. Rinse in distilled water
5. Stain with neutral red solution for 30 seconds
6. Wash rapidly in distilled water and blot dry
7. Use usual method and viewing microscopically e.g immersion oil

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