Warranty Registration

Generally every product is provided with the warranty for fixed period of time after the product is purchased. Whenever warranty for the product expires, customers should call the at the company, in order to buy ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT,  AMC, for entire life cycle of products.


Understand where the warranty ends 
Warranty and extended service (i.e., a maintenance contract) are two different things. A warranty is attached to every instrument purchase and is included in the purchase price. A service contract is a buy-on option that covers specific repairs and labor that are not covered in full under the warranty and/or not covered beyond the life of the warranty. We encourage all users to complete the warranty registration form.


If an instrument is covered under service contract we will pro-actively schedule PM visits. Comprehensive service records are also maintained by our service partner, allowing us to improve our service through continuous product development.

An annual preventative maintenance (PM) visit is the best way to keep your instrument running problem free, to specification and in many cases to ensure regulatory compliance. A full report of the maintenance is provided for your records. 


Our technicians visit your site at periodic intervals to optimize and improve the performance of your instruments. At every visit our technician records the problems observed and action taken for individual instrument, helping you to maintain detailed history of instruments for better analysis and improved performance.

Preventive maintenance is performed by one of our trained field service technician. During each visit, all electrical components, refrigeration components, and other equipment and systems will be thoroughly inspected. Where possible, routine minor adjustments will be made to return your equipment to top running condition as a part of this service. Upon completion of the inspection, our service technician will provide you with a detailed recommendation of any additional repairs that may be needed.



  • Upgrades, Retrofits and Reconfigurations
  • Calibration With Instrumentation
  • Interfacing to Existing or new Equipment
  • Integration With Other Software


If you have a problem or fault with your instrument, our technician will to diagnose and repair the fault. We also have fully equipped 3rd. party service centres where instruments can also be repaired, serviced and calibrated by qualified personnel. 

If you are on a service contract, there’s no need to worry – it’s all included. 

Equipment covered

We can provide preventative service contract on various equipment including:

Blood bank fridges
Pharmacy fridges
Cold rooms
Sample/reagent fridges
ULT freezers
Water baths



  • Will increase the efficiency of an instrument, making it more environmentally friendly and lowering power expense.
  • Increases reliability, as equipment downtime can be costly beyond the actual unit cost.
  • Reduces risk of complete equipment failure.
  • Maintenance of your equipment
  • Security for your staff
  • Quality assurance
  • Saving time and unplanned costs
  • Maximum system availability
  • Genuine Spare Parts for high reliability.
  • Saves from unexpected Repairs and avoids cost for these repairs.
  • Rapid response for breakdowns and repairs

Types of AMC:

Depending upon the product you own we offer different types of AMC contracts, you can choose the contract based on your regular product usage, requirement and the stress it undergoes. Our all-inclusive service contracts, Gold, offer ultimate peace of mind.


  • Annual preventative maintenance (PM)
  • Discount on Labor and travel charges when repairs and breakdowns
  • Discount on software upgrades
  • Discount on spare parts


  • Telephone Support
  • Annual preventative maintenance (PM)
  • Software upgrades
  • Discount on Labor and travel charges when repairs and breakdowns
  • Discount on Preventative Maintenance kit
  • Discount on spare parts


  • Telephone Support
  • Onsite Support
  • Labor and travel included
  • Unlimited call outs
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Full technician report
  • Remote technical support
  • Annual preventative maintenance (PM)
  • Pro-active PM scheduling
  • Routine PM parts
  • Full PM report
  • Free replacement spares
  • Software upgrades
  • Preventative Maintenance kit
  • Discounts on accessories and upgrades

Frequently asked questions

Once you’ve taken up a contract with us, you will be provided with a welcome pack which will detail your account manager, and will also contain the contract information, asset list, and agreements. 

Your assigned account manager will stay with you for the duration of the contract, and it is their job to assist with any query you might have (no matter how small), from invoices to services, pricing queries to general feedback.

The benefit of using the 3rd party biomedical service provider is that you are only paying for service when you need it.

Medical equipment testing is a specialised service and has different standards to basic electrical testing and needs to be function tested with specialised biomedical testing equipment to  simulate and calibrate the specific piece of medical equipment. Testing of medical equipment cannot be carried out by general electrical testing companies or general electricians as this is a specialised service that requires knowledge of medical equipment and its application.

Medical equipment testing and calibration is a crucial task to be carried out regularly and in line with an equipment maintenance plan as well as to the manufacturers specified calibration intervals. We recommend testing annually to ensure compliance with regulations and requirements.

Routine testing and calibration ensures that your devices are performing correctly and delivering peace of mind for users while maintaining practice accreditations. Our service partner’s qualified technicians are trained and have the required equipment to thoroughly inspect and test all equipment/devices in accordance with specific state/territory legislative requirements in a convenient and cost effective way.

If we find equipment that is out of calibration or requires attention we will either fix it on the spot if the fault is minor, usually at no charge if parts are not required. If parts are required we can provide you with a obligation free quote for repair or replacement depending upon the cost to repair and the age of the piece of equipment.