Know Who We Are

About our company

IQM is a privately owned SMB, started in 2017, based in Oslo, Norway. We are focused in the delivery of «next generation biomedical products» with competitive prices and custom-built solutions. Our key objectives as an organisation is customer satisfaction.

We started with a simple idea that was to introduce NEW brands that are competitors of major global players products. How did we end up doing this? Since inception, we are now connected to many SMBs that manufacture innovative and competitive new brands with new technologies. Initially, we have launched these in the Scandinavian market by making them easily accessible and affordable. 

IQM is an abbreviation of IQBAL QualMed, where our values are composed of 5 words, IQBAL:

I  Innovative: We must continuously bring about improved and innovative technology.

Q Qualitative: Our products must comply with relevant legislation and regulations and ensure the best quality.

B Brilliant: We have solid technical professional expertise.

A Accountability: We show accountability for the customer’s purpose.

L Loyalty: We are loyal to our values and customers. 

Our vision is to bring positive change in the current complex structure of biomedical supplies and make it easily accessible using NEW brands, technologies, breaking all geographical barriers!

Our vision

Our mission is to ensure that, people have access to innovative and quality biomedical products! 


Our mission