Ultramatic GR- Water purification system

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Ultramatic GR: the system for purification of Type I Ultrapure Water (Reagent Grade). 


Ultramatic GR: the system for purification of Type I Ultrapure Water (Reagent Grade).

The Desktop Ultramatic GR Model produces Ultrapure Water Type I (Reactive Grade) according to ASTM D1193, and ISO 3696 standards with a production of 1,1 l/min covering the different needs of purity that each user can have in accordance with the method of analysis.

VersionsUltrapurification ModuleFotooxidation LampUltrafiltration CartridgeFinal Filter 0.22 micron



The Ultramatic GR produces Ultrapure Water –Type I – Reactive Grade from pre-purified water: Resistitvity  18.2 MΩ.cm at 25 ºC, TOC < 10 ppb y bacterial count  1 cfu/ml. Prepurified feed water could be:

– Type II Water(Ecomatic/Autwomatic)
– Osmotized water
– Deionized Water
– Distilled Water

Ultrapure water is achieved through sequential steps:

– GR purification module Reduction which reduces ionic contaminants to trace level
– Photooxidation lamp which reduces organic compounds to trace levels.
– Water dispensation is done trough a Final Filter of 0.22 micron.


Ultramatic GR model uses a dual wavelength  which emits Light at:

  • 254 nm with germicial action  (modifying irreversibly the genetic material of microorganisms).
  • 185nm  generating free hidroxile radicals that oxidize dissolved organic compounds to carbonate and bicarbonate ions, that are removed by the last GR purification module.


Resistivity measurement  

Ultramatic GR used a inline resistivity sensor to measure the electrical resistivity of produced water (± 0,1 MΩ.cm) with temperatura compensation  (± 0,1 ºC).
As a security mechanism for the user, the software includes a prefixed set point (10 MΩ.cm) below which water is not dispensed.

Automatic recirculation

Ultramatic GR recirculates automatically the water in the circuit to ensure the highest quality of water dispensed.
Models with Ultrafiltration module perform a recirculation and drainage of UF module periodically.

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