Ecomatic-Water purification system

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Ecomatic supplies Type II Water (Analytical Grade) according to ASTM D1193 and ISO 3696 standards.

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Ecomatic supplies Type II Water (Analytical Grade) according to ASTM D1193 and ISO 3696 standards. It’s designed for meeting the demand of laboratories with Type II water requirements.

VersionsLiter/hourPurification ModuleUV LampFinal Filter 0.22 micron


Type II Water is not stored in tanks, but it is always dispensed freshly produced, thus avoiding its deterioration due to storage.

Ecomatic system provides two water qualities, TypeII and Osmotic Water, which can be used to feed washers or any other devicethat needs this water quality.

Continuous control of purification process by microprocessor

An easy to read digital screen informs the user about:

– Quality of the produced water measured by mS/cm, with ± 0,1 mS/cm resolution.
– Status of the purification process (in production, full tank, dispensing equipment)
– Warnings for consumables replacement by means of very easy symbols.
– Warning parameters, programmed by the user
– Fully automatic working system (start/stop).

Easy handling

  • Easy installation.
  • Easy and quick maintenance, thanks to interchangeable cartridges and rapid connexions.


Dimensions (mm)
7022Pressure Tank 30 L600400
7023Pressure Tank 50L800400


Storage Tanks

The Ecomatic is designed to work with pressure vessels, ensuring a better quality of final water both ions as a microbiological level.
Pressure tanks of  30 and 50 liters.

Ecomatic can also work against an atmospheric tank provided by Wasserlab or adapted to the client tank.

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