Eddy Jet 2W – Spiral plater

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Eddy Jet 2W reduces cost per test, hands on time, and consumable use during bacterial enumeration while increasing a microbiology lab’s productivity.

This cutting edge spiral plater automates, standardizes and streamlines plate inoculations with its patented cross-contamination free technology. Microsyringes confer the system unique, unmatched advantages that make it a bestseller. The user interface is very intuitive and there are no setup times.

Although Eddy Jet 2W is mostly used by food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical labs, any microbiology lab can largely benefit from its use. This instrument will generate a threefold dilution concentration gradient in a single plate, allowing labs to skip serial dilutions and most plating. Each sample is processed with a brand new sterile microsyringe, making sample handling a cross contamination free process.

Other than bacterial enumeration, antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) and mutagenicity test applications are also available.


Eddy Jet 2W – Spiral plater reduces cost per test, hands on time, and consumable use during bacterial enumeration while increasing a microbiology lab’s productivity.

System Highlights

Sterility: An exclusive patented microsyringe technology allows for genuine sampling sterility. Since no disinfectants are used, Eddy Jet 2W does away with any possible false negative results due to disinfectant carryover.

Simplicity: Get trained in less than 5 minutes: insert a Petri plate, press on the “play button” in Eddy Jet 2W’s innovative color touch screen, and that’s it, PLUG & PLATE!

Fully Validated: Spiral plating is a fully validated Microbiological method, see: ISO 7218/ AOAC 977.27/ FDA (BAM Ch.3). Verification protocols are available for each section of the device’s spirals.

Advantageous Mechanics: Eddy Jet’s dependable Stepper Microcontroller motors regulate the instrument’s high precision microsyringe liquid dispensing. This approach avoids all the issues of competing technologies where cleaning cycles, disinfectant preparation, cross contamination, unnecessary and complex liquid handling, stylus calibration, noisy vacuum pumps, and complicated maintenance requirements soon shadow the advantages of spiral plating.

Connectivity: Eddy Jet 2W features cutting edge connectivity; it can be connected to a barcode reader and a printer in order to provide plate traceability. It’s USB and Ethernet connections allow for connection of a key board for data insertion or a pendrive for upgrades.


Technical Specifications

Reproducibility> 99%
Time for a full cycle30 s (disposable syringes make disinfection unnecessary)
Spreading modes stored25 spread modes (37 counting those for 150mm Petri plates)
Petri plate diameters90 and 150 mm
Minimum step volume< 10 nl
Maximum pipeted volume100 μl
Syringe materialPolypropylene
Plunger materialPolyethylene H.D.
Auto checkingProgrammed in 6 regions
Touch screen7 in
External balance connectionSerial RS232 DB9
Printer connectionSerial RS232 DB9
Barcode reader connectionSpecific connection for IUL barcode readers
Connection for updatesEthernet/ USB pendrive
Additional connections for peripherals4 x USB Host ports
Dimensions (WxHxD)51.5 x 42 x 50 cm / 20.3 x 16.5 x 19.7 in
Weight20 Kg / 44 lb.
Motion control3 Microcontroller-regulated stepper motors

Aplication scope

Many samples can be processed in Eddy Jet 2W; aliquots taken from solutions of any diluted sample are placed inside specially devised and introduced inside Eddy Jet 2W for processing. During dispensation allow the device to perform a wide range of up to 37 types of spirals. Eddy Jet 2W inoculates 90 and 150 mm plates alike thanks to its special . Using 150 mm plates allows to generate an even larger concentration gradient having a single plate account for almost 5 log10 concentration range.

Spiral plating is most frequently used for enumeration of samples but several other applications exist. Thanks to the lawn spiral distribution Eddy Jet 2W can be used to create bacterial lawns meant to be used in AST for Kirby-Bauer testing. Spiral gradient testing allows to test susceptibilities of multiple strains to a single antibiotic. The Spiral Salmonella assay for mutagenicity testing, a spiral plating equivalent of the AMES test, can also be performed using Eddy Jet 2W. Eddy Jet 2W linear modes enable to refine the detection of mutagenic concentration thresholds.

How to continue procesing diluted samples

Initially samples are suspended in a diluent broth through gravimetric dilutions performed in either the Smart Dilutor W, sample-containing bags can be stored in Portabag bagholders, awaiting to be homogenized in Masticator blenders. When homogenizing samples, filter bags are to be used for debris generating samples while for other samples filterless bags shall suffice. Once homogenized, aliquots can be serially diluted using the . The Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater is used in order to reduce the amount of plates that are plated, generating a threefold decimal dilution counting range in a single plate. Following incubation, plates are automatically counted and fed with the Plate Handler or automatically counted and manually fed with the SphereFlash®.

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