ThermoCell Mixing and Heating . Temperature range RT -14-100 ºC, Speed 300-1500 rpm.

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ThermoCell MixingBlock used a thermoelectric cooler, long life and high efficiency brushless DC motor and 32 bit microcomputer control technology. ThermoCell Mixing Block combines the functions of the mixing and Temperature Control, providing a convenient means to incubate and react samples. This unit employs Peltier Effect heat exchange technology to provide accurate, stable temperature control. it can be use with a selection of interchangeable Blocks for plates and tubes.



  • Accurately control and monitor time, temperature and speed
  • Exact temperature control with PID Circuit
  • Gentle, reliable mixing with long life direct current motor
  • Low noises working even under the speed if 1500 rpm
  • Special damping provides quiet operation even at high Speeds.
  • Choose from several standard sample blocks for plates or tubes.
  • Custom Blocks are available to satisfy special experimental requirements
  • Large VFD display and simple controls provide a user-friendly interface
  • Conforms to CE safety standard
ModelMB-102 (MB-101)
Temp. Setting Range0 – 105° C
Temp. Control RangeRT -14 °C ~ 100 °C
Timing Range1 min ~ 99 h 59 min
Mixing Speed300 rpm ~ 1500 rpm (rotarion)
Mixing Amplitude3 mm
Temp. Control Accuracy less 0.5 °C
Display Accuracy less 0.5 °C
Temp. Uniformity less 0.5 °C
Heating Time< 12 min (from 20 °C to 100 °C)
Cooling Time< 8 min (from RT to RT -10 °C)
 < 15 min (from 100 °C to RT + 10 °C)
Weight8.5 kg
Dimension328 x 249 x 166 mm (L x W x H)


Block A              40×1.5ml
Block B              54×0.5ml
Block C              96×0.2ml
Block D             24xΦ15mm Tube
Block E             Water Bath Block (115Lx73Dx38Hmm)
Block H             40×2.0ml
Block J              For Elisa plate
Block G             Mixed block: 26×0.5ml+24×1.5ml tube