Lifetouch-Thermal cycler

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LifeTouch Thermal Cycler is a PCR instrument with multiple functions.
96×0.2ml full skirted plate, gradient, Touch screen


After LifePro, bioer has built a new product called LifeTouch gene amplification device.

– With touch screen
– Height adjustable heated lid
– Aluminium alloy block with excellent conductivity
– Interface for USB connection

This film in the TC series consistent technical characteristic, USES the advanced thermoelectric refrigeration technology and new technology of TAS, make its overall performance up to a new height: swifter, higher, cooling module accuracy of temperature control temperature more even, appearance volume smaller, operational environment more quiet. Not only have 30 ℃ the grace gradient function, can be used to optimize the experimental conditions, meet the most demanding experimental requirements, at the same time lasted LifePro “USB” and online networking, to lead the global PCR product of fashion. On the basis of LifePro, LifeTouch has added an LCD color touch screen to make the experiment’s display and operation more clear and direct.