GeneExplorer Thermal Cycler

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The Bioer GeneExplorer™ PCR thermal cycler offers optimal accuracy and versatility to suit all PCR needs. With a new generation central processing unit (CPU) and an intuitive user interface operated using an 8 inch touchscreen, ease of use is unparalleled.

GE-384G: Thermal Cycler 384 well Bioer GeneExplorer™ for PCR with Touchscreen
GE-96G : 96×0.2ml, gradient, Touch screen
GE-48DS: 48×0.2ml Dual Block, ,each block contains 3× 16-well-module,with 3 seprate Peitier to control the temp. indepentently

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GeneExplorer thermal cyeler is a PCR of multiple functions and applications. The product is applicable to polymerase chain reaction in fields including immunology, human genome engineering, forensic pathology, oncology, organization and population biology, paleontology, zoology and botany.

GeneExplorer’s features are including:Intelligent operation, temperature accuracy and mobile App sync.

Temperature accuracy: Newly designed block and tailor-made peliter to ensure exceptional thermal performance and optimize your PCR temperature with good accuracy.

Block or tube temperature control modes for higher reagent compatibility;

Power-off protection function, and after power supply recovery;

Height and pressure adjustable hot lid to adapt to different reaction tubes and effectively prevent reagent evaporation and contamination;

With a custom-built Peltier and a redesigned block the GeneExplorer™ provides exceptionally fast heating and cooling rates, as well as impeccable temperature accuracy and uniformity across all wells.


Intelligent operation:A new generation of CPU, 8 inch responsive touch screen, and user-friendly UI design makes your operation simple and faster.
The GeneExplorer™ is operated by an integrated 8 inch full colour touchscreen and display providing exceptional ease-of-use while allowing for a clear, unobstructed display of vital information. This innovative user-interface allows for rapid, easy set-up of programs including Touchdown, Long and Nested PCR programs.

A USB interface allows an infinite number of programs to be stored. This is the optimal method for maintaining control of your programs from unauthorised access, whilst also allowing excellent ease-of-use. This in addition to the 2000+ program memory available in the cycler itself.

Mobile App sync: Innovative mobile app and Wifi capability helps to monitor your PCR status with remote control.
The ability to operate cyclers independently, or connect 1 or more cyclers to a PC or network via USB, LSN Ethernet or WiFi grants an even greater level of integration into current systems, ease of software upgrades and versatility of application.

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