Sudan Black Stain Kit (Haematology Version)

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This stain kit is used for staining peripheral blood and bone marrow smears to identify granulocytic and monocytic components of abnormal haemopoietic cells. The sudan black B cannot be extracted from the stained granules by organic dye solvents and gives comparable staining to that of MPO staining

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Kit Contains:
Sudan Black Stain in 70% Ethanol
Ethanol 70% solution
Buffer Mordant Solution
Haemalum Mayer

General Information:
Procedure Time : 75 minute (approximate)
Shelf Life: 3 Years (from date of manufacture)
Storage:  15-25 °C

Nuclei:                                                         Red
Myelocytes/Promyelocytes:                    Blue/Black granules increasing with cell maturity
Lymphocytes:                                            Negative
Mature Neutrophils:                                Cytoplasm contains positive (blue/black) granules of positive reacting material


1. Fix smears as per usual method
2. Rinse smears in distilled water
3. Stain smears in working stain solution i.e. 2 parts of buffer mordant solution to 3 parts sudan black B stain for 1 hour in a lidded Coplin jar. (This working solution will keep for 4 weeks)
4. Remove from the stain and rinse in 70% alcohol. After 30 seconds tip off. Repeat 3 times. This removes excess dye
5. Rinse smears gently in running tap water for up to 2 minutes and air dry
6. Counterstain with haemalum Mayer for 2-3 minutes
7. Rinse gently in running tap water and blot dry
8. Mount in aqueous mountant or examine under immersion oil

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