Orcein Elastic Stain Kit

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This stain kit can be used to demonstrate elastic fibres in tissue sections; recommended for vascular pathology

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Code– 100-200-500-1000
RRSK917 x 50ml7 x 100ml7 x 250ml7 x 500ml


Kit Contains:
Orcein solution (1% Orcein in 1% acid alcohol)
Potassium Permanganate 0.5% Solution x 2
Sulphuric Acid 3% Solution
Oxalic Acid 1% Solution
Denatured Ethanol 70%
Acid Alcohol 1%

General Information:
Procedure Time :  140 minutes (approximate)
Shelf Life: 3 Years (from date of manufacture)
Storage:    15-25° C.

Hepatitis B surface antigen:      Brown granules in cytoplasm
Elastic Fibres:                               Brown
Copper associated protein:        Dark Brown/Purple
Background:                                 Pale Pink/Brown


Preparation of Acidified Potassium Permanganate
Mix 9.5ml of potassium permanganate solution with 0.5ml of sulphuric acid solution. This purple solution will keep for 3-4 weeks but should be discarded after using 5 times or if it turns brown

1. Dewax sections, hydrate through alcohols and rinse in tap water
2. Oxidise sections with acidified potassium permanganate for 5 minutes
3. Wash well in water
4. Bleach with 1% oxalic acid for 1 minute
5. Wash well in water
6. Rinse sections in 70% denatured ethanol
7. Stain in orcein solution for 2 hours at 37°C
8. Rinse in water then 70% denatured ethanol. If there is a brown background (in collagen and nuclei)
9. Dehydrate, clear and mount
differentiate in 1% acid alcohol – a few seconds only are required

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