FastGene 384 well Plate-50

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FastGene® 384 well Plate, 50 pieces

Key features:

  • Compatible with ABI and all standard cyclers
  • 99.9 % pure virgin polypropylene
  • Suitable design for robots
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • RNase/DNase and gDNA free
  • Single Notch Corner
  •  Well volume: 50 µl
  • Full-skirted
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FastGene® 384 well Plates are designed for standard 384 well blocks and thus are compatible with all standard thermal cyclers and additionally with ABI. See folder “Compatibility” for compatible thermal cyclers. The full skirted, ultra-thin and consistent plate guarantees optimal thermal transfer for precise results. A very tight sealing can be reached with the FastGene 384 well mats.



Applied Biosystems9700, Veriti/Fast
Applied Biosystems3100
Applied Biosystems3130
Applied Biosystems3700
Applied Biosystems3730/3730x
Applied Biosystems7900HT/Fast
Applied BiosystemsStepOne Plus
Applied BiosystemsVia7/Fast
EppendorfMastercycler M384
BioRadDNA Engine Dyad
BioRadDyad Disciple
BioRadEngine Tetrad 2
BioRadPTC-225 Tetrad
BioRadCFX384 Touch
AgilentSureCycler 8800
Analytik JenaFlexCycler
Analytik JenaT1 Thermal Cycler
Analytik JenaTprofessional/Basic
Analytik JenaTprofessional/Standard
Analytik JenaTprofessional/TRIO
Analytik JenaTrobot
Analytik JenaUno II
TechneGenius Quad
TechnePrime Elite
TechnePrime Elite Satellite
TechneTouchgene Gradient
TechneTouchgene X
CorbettPalm-Cycler 384
MWGPrimus 384
PeqLabPeqStar 384
SensoQuestThermocycler 384
Thermo HybridMultiblock System
Thermo HybridOmnigene
Thermo HybridPCR Express
Thermo HybridPx2
Thermo HybridPxE
Thermo HybridTouchdown
AmershamMegaBACE 4000




Can the FastGene 384 well Plate replace the Framestar 384 QuantStudio Plates?

We just know the regular Framestar 384 well plates and we belive that our plate is compatible.

The only difference we can see is the fact that all Framestar plates are 2 shot moulded plates, means they have a PC frame and PE wells, whereas our plate is made in one shot , frame and wells consists of PE.


Can I use the adhesive Foil (FG-93AC) with these plates.

Yes, you can use the foil.