Conical bottom Centrifuge tubes Polypropylene 15ml_available in different sizes

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Available in following sizes: 15mL, 50mL

1. These conical-bottom tubes are made of ultra-clear polypropylene
2.  Cap Materails: HDPE
3.  Leakproof
4.  White printed graduations with large marking strip for labeling

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Conical-bottom Centrifuge tubes,Polypropylene,15 ml

Cat. No.GraduationCap OptionPackUnitSterility
34117FWhite printed   graduationFlat capBulk50/bag,10bags/caseEO
34117PWhite printed   graduationPlug capBulk50/bag,10bags/caseEO
34118FWhite printed graduationFlat capBulk50/bag/foam   rack,10bags/caseEO
34118PWhite printed   graduationPlug capBulk50/bag/foam   rack,10bags/caseEO


Conical-bottom Centrifuge tubes,Polypropylene,50 ml

Cat. No.GraduationCap OptionPackUnitSterility
32104FWhite printed   graduationFlat capBulk25/bag,20bags/caseEO
32104PWhite printed   graduationPlug capBulk25/bag,20bags/caseEO
32105FWhite printed graduationFlat capBulk25/bag/foam   rack,20bags/caseEO
32105PWhite printed   graduationPlug capBulk25/bag/foam   rack,20bags/caseEO