Midori Green Advance TBE Agarose Tablets

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MIDORIGreen Advance TBE Agarose Tablets – Agarose tablets with integrated DNA stain (MIDORIGreen Advance) and TBE powder; 75 pieces per box


  • Tablet format – no weighing equipment required
  • Powder free
  • Very stable at room temperature if protected from light
  • Only pure water is needed
  • Fast dissolving protocol
  • Used stain is a non-carcinogenic alternative to ethidium bromide
  • Environmental safety – all working solution can be disposed in regular laboratory waste


MIDORIGreen Advance TBE Agarose Tablets – safe, clean and fast

The MIDORIGreen Agarose Tablets are a clean and fast solution for preparing agarose gels without time-consuming weighing. The agarose tablet only has to be solved in pure water. After heating and pouring of the solution the gel is ready for loading. As MIDORIGreen DNA Stain, TBE powder and agarose are integrated components, there is no addition of other ingredients necessary. In particular for researchers, who are preparing many agarose gels, this is a very comfortable and easy solution to save time. Another big advantage is the safety for the user. As a safe alternative to ethidium bromide MIDORIGreen Advance is used as DNA stain. MIDORIGreen Advance DNA Stain is non-carcinogenic – hence it is optimal for a safe work with agarose gels and no special disposing of waste is necessary.


Gel (%)Agarose (g)Water (mL)TBE (g)TBE concentration*MIDORI Green amount (µL)MIDORI Green calculated amount in 100 mL gel*
1.0 % gel0.5 g50 ml0.5 g0.59 x2 µl4.00 µl
1.2 % gel0.5 g42 ml0.5 g0.71 x2 µl4.70 µl
1.5 % gel0.5 g33 ml0.5 g0.88 x2 µl6.06 µl
2.0 % gel0.5 g25 ml0.5 g1.18x2 µl8.00 µl


*TBE is suitable to use in rage 0.5 – 1 x concentration.

**MIDORIGreen DNA stain optimum is 4-6 µl per 100 ml agarose gel.