MIDORI Green Xtra-Safe DNA stain

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Ultra-sensitive DNA stain for the detection of nucleic acids in agarose gels

1 ml MIDORIGreen Xtra for in-gel staining and post staining

Safe alternative to ethidium bromide. Non-carcinogenic and non-toxic

Key Benefits

  • Applications: Staining of DNA/RNA in agarose gels.
  • Sensitivity: Ultra-sensitive. Much better than ethidium bromide.
  • Safe: Non-toxic, non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic.
  • Compatibility: Optimal for Blue/Green LED technology and Blue LED light. For UV light we recommended MIDORIGreen Advance.
  • High Efficiency: Almost no background.
  • Flexible: In-gel staining and post staining.


MIDORIGreen Xtra – Non-carcinogenic DNA stain of the latest generation – Ultra-sensitive for LED illumination

MIDORIGreen Xtra is a new highly sensitive green fluorescent stain for a safe visualization of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. This DNA stain is a safe and better alternative to the traditional nucleic acid stain ethidium bromide (EtBr). Remarkably, agarose gels stained with MIDORIGreen Xtra have a very low background fluorescence, which makes the identification of low amounts of DNA very easy. Be one of the first and test MIDORIGreen Xtra for a safe detection of DNA with an unbeatable sensitivity.

Ultra-sensitive DNA signals and low background – Just a perfect signal

MIDORIGreen Xtra is optimized for Blue/Green and Blue LED light, leading to unbeatable fluorescence signals of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. In addition, UV-light is also suitable for the detection of nucleic acid, but less efficient than non-damaging visible light. Remarkably, MIDORIGreen Xtra did not stain the agarose gel, leading to an excellent signal to noise ratio.


Safe Alternative to Ethidium Bromide

MIDORIGreen Xtra delivers even better DNA/RNA signals than ethidium bromide. However, this innovative DNA stain is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-toxic and therefore not harmful for your health. Independent laboratories confirmed its safety: Both the mutagenicity test (ames test) and the cytotoxicity test were negative. Convince yourself and download here our safety report.



MIDORIGreen Xtra is optimized for Blue/Green and Blue LED light, leading to unbeatable fluorescence signals of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. MIDORIGreen Xtra is suitable for In-Gel and Poststaining.


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