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The internal design, the air flow aerodynamics and monitoring, the special H14 filter with Micromesh downstream equalising plenum, guarantees the highest performances at the most stringent safety levels and operator comfort.

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The Aura HZ Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet has unique design features and is constructed using the highest quality fans and HEPA filters to ensure class leading performance. This provides BS EN ISO 14644 Class 5 air quality (or better with ULPA filter option) and meets the requirements for GMP Grade A use.

  • Suitable for pharmaceutical, healthcare, microelectronic assembly and general research and clean production use.
  • Air speed is continuously monitored by an integral vane anemometer and controlled by an electronic air speed controller to ensure stable air velocity is maintained.
  • Unique Lateral Flow Concept (LFC) design provides a dynamic airflow barrier. Based on the Venturi effect, the glass side walls are installed inside the airflow stream to prevent entrainment of contamination at this critical location.
  • Micromesh membrane installed to the downstream face of the HEPA filter, together with a clever plenum design ensures best in class airflow laminarity.
  • High quality German engineered fans with anti-vibration mounts minimise noise and vibration levels.
  • HEPA filters certified to fully comply with EN 1822 standard with both H14 and U15 ULPA grades available.
  • Adjustable height support stand with foot rest.


Control & Alarm System:

  • Soft touch keys on the control panel
  • Bar graph display for air speed value
  • Fan on/off & activation of energy saving mode
  • Lighting
  • UV Lighting
  • Gas Tap & Socket
  • Visible and acoustic alarms are provided for air speed alarm and filter condition.


Technical Specification:

The Aura HZ Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet is available in two sizes:


Aura HZ 48 – Order Code LH 20500

Auru HZ 72 – Order Code LH 30500


(W x D x H) mm

Work Chamber: 1130 x 620 x 740

Overall Size: 1270 x 1050 x 1360

Height on Stand: 2123

Work Chamber: 1790 x 620 x 740

Overall Size: 1920 x 1050 x 1360

Height on Stand: 2123

Air Cleanliness:

HEPA Filter – H14 Grade:

BS EN ISO 14644 Class 5 (Supersedes Federal Standard 209e, Class 100).

EC GMP Grade A (Annex 1, 2015)

ULPA Filter – U15 Grade:

BS EN ISO 14644 Class 4 (Supersedes Federal Standard 209e, Class 10).

EC GMP Grade A (Annex 1, 2015)

Air Velocity:

0.45 m/s ± 10%

(set point adjustable)

0.45 m/s ± 10%

(set point adjustable)


130 kg

195 kg

Power Supply:

220 / 240 V – 50 Hz


420 Watts

800 Watts

Noise Level:

< 57 dB (A)

< 59 dB (A)

Lighting Level:

1000 lux

1000 lux

Options & Accessories:

Option Description

Order Code

Power Socket:


Double Power Socket:


Support Stand for Aura HZ 48:


Support Stand for Aura HZ 72:


UV Light: (uses plug outlet)