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Fumes from chemical containers often result to the storage cabinet’s corrosion and contaminated air in the laboratory. Ascent™ storage cabinet is ideal in providing a safe and convenient storage solution. This cabinet is equipped with Nanocarb™ filters that effectively adsorb chemical fumes to provide operator and environment protection.

Each ASC comes standard with:

  • VOC Sensor – this gives out audio-visual alarms to alert users when the filters are saturated
  • Sentinel™ Microprocessor Control system – user-friendly interface for the cabinet’s operation
  • Polypropylene Trays- 600 x 600 trays that are durable and resistant to most chemicals
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  • ASC-C is equipped with a main carbon filter and secondary carbon filter
  • Nanocarb™ filters are available in 8 types to suit your chemical list.
  • Industrial grade main body constructed from E.G. Steel with Isocide™ powder coating.
  • Multiple Filter configurations compatible for a variety of application



General Specifications, Ascent™ Storage Cabinet-C Series (ASC-C)
Model220-240 VAC,
50/60 Hz
110-120 VAC,
50/60 Hz
Nominal Size:0.7 m
1.2 m
1.8 m
External Dimensions:685 mm x 700 mm x 2050 mm
(27.0” x 27.6” x 80.7”)
1370 mm x 700 mm x 2050 mm
(53.9” x 27.6” x 80.7”)
2055 mm x 700 mm x 2050 mm
(80.9” x 27.6” x 80.7”)
No. of Trays:Standard: 4 Tray
Maximum: 6 Trays
Standard: 8 trays (4 per section)
Maximum: 12 trays (6 per section)
Standard: 12 trays (4 per section)
Maximum: 18 trays (6 per section)
Filtration SystemMain
Filter (bottom)
Nanocarb ™ Filter
(type A-H)
Nanocarb ™ Filter
(type A-H)
Nanocarb ™ Filter
(type A-H)
Filter (Top)
Nanocarb ™ FilterNanocarb ™ FilterNanocarb ™ Filter