Serum centrifuge med BRK5404 Fixed angle rotor

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PrO Vet Serum Micro Centrifuge supplied with Fixed angle rotor

New PrO-VET centrifuge range are simple and safe to use

New LED models offer 4 pre written programs:
♦ All the 4 programs have been pre-set for ease of use
♦ Press Function and select 1 of 4 parameters
♦ Load your samples, shut the lid and press Start
♦ Easy and reliable

PCV, Serum, faeces, sperm & Cytology

BRK5404 Fixed angle rotor – 4 x 50ml tubes

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Technical informations:

Programs         Speed             Time
Serum fast        6,000 Rpm     240 secs
Serum 1            5,000 Rpm     300 secs
Urine                 2,500 Rpm     420 secs
Sperm               2,300 Rpm     480 secs