DW-HL678S, -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

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•Fast refrigeration with optimized refrigeration system

•High-efficiency VIP plus vacuum insulation panel

•Energy saving and environmentally friendly

•High-precision microcomputer control system

•User-friendly and Easy Handling


Meling -40°C~-86°C ultra low temperature freezer DW-HL678s is a deep freezer for medical and laboratory grade. It has passed CE\UL certification. The new generation refrigeration system of the ultra deep freezer performs fast refrigeration. This deep freezer enables three-dimensional thermal insulation. And the six sides of the cabinet are made from high-efficiency VIP Plus vacuum insulation panel, which can improve the thermal insulation performance of the refrigerator. The high-precision microcomputer control system and platinum resistor sensors enable you to set the temperature inside the cabinet in the range of -10°C~-86°C freely. This medical freezer and lab freezer is designed with 7inch touch screen controller allowing you to set and adjust the temperature precisely in 1℃.

Powerful Refrigeration System

-40°C~-86°C upright deep freezer DW-HL678s provides you with targeted refrigeration system ensuring fast refrigeration. And it can well keep the temperature in the cabinet in the range of -10°C~-86°C. The new generation of the ultra-low temperature refrigeration system was awarded with the Second Prize under State Technological Invention Award.

Three-dimensional Thermal Insulation

The six-sides of the cabinet in the deep freezer are made from high-efficiency VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate, and the thermal insulation design of the inner door made from foaming material and the outer door system was awarded with multiple patents, which can improve the thermal insulation performance of the deep freezer.

Reliable Security System

This ultra low temperature freezer comes with the audible and visible alarm system, including high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, sensor failure alarm, low battery level alarm, door open alarm, system failure alarm, etc. And it features turn-on delay and stopping interval protection to ensure reliable operation.

User-friendly and Easy Handling

The new-type assisting door handle is designed with pressure reducing valve, which can be operated within one hand and it is easy to open and close. The liner made from 304 stainless steel is low-temperature tolerant and corrosion-resistant, which has a long service life and is best for storing medical and laboratory materials.