KK-011AS-Extra3-Port 1.5 Person

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    Glovebox is designed to provide a hermetically sealed and highly customized working space under a very tightly controlled atmospheric environment; less than 1ppm of Oxygen and Moisture concentration levels. Glovebox expansion features include additional antechambers for flow processes, cold storage freezers, process vacuum ovens and furnaces and full line of accessories.

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    Product features

    • 1.5 Person (3 Glove ports) Glovebox
    • Less than 1PPM of Oxygen and Moisture concentration level inside
    • The box module
    • 1,800(W) X 760(D) x 890(H)mm
    • Stainless steel design with polycarbonate window
    • Modular box design
    • Large antechamber (380 diag. x 500mm) with sliding tray / Mini- antechamber (150 diag. x 290mm)
    • Embedded inert gas purification system
    • Vacuum pump
    • High efficiency box filters
    • Casters and leveling feet




    ModelKK – 011AS – Extra (3 Port)
    Size1,800(W) x 760(D) x 890(H)mm
    WindowsPoly-Carbonate PC or Safety Glass
    GloveButyl Rubber 1.5 Pair
    External Light1
    Service PortKF(NW40) : 2ea
    Leak Test0.05 vol%/hr According to ISO 10648-2
    Size380 x 500mm
    Vacuum Capacity1 x 10-3 torr
    Tray200 x 500mm
    Size150 x 290mm
    Purifier System
    Purifity LevelLess than 1 ppm O2 and H2O
    CatalystOxygen Catalyst and Molecular Sieve
    PLCAutomatic PLC control
    Control Panel7”Full Color Touch Screen
    Purifier RegenerationAuto Regeneration programmed on PLC
    Blower Speed ControlMax. 63 CFM (1.78m3/min)
    Vacuum Pump200L/min
    Size1,800(W) * 760(D) * 930(H) mm