FastGene® white 96 well PCR Plate 0.1 ml-semi-skirted-50

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FastGene® white 96-well PCR Plate 0.1 ml, semi-skirted, 50 pieces per package

Compatible with Roche Lightcycler and Bio-Rad CFX

Dimensions: 128.3 x 85.5 x 15.7 mm (L x W x H)

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Features of the FastGene® white 96-well PCR Plate

  1. DNase, RNase and gDNA free
  2. Pyrogen /endotoxin free
  3. Labeled surface: horizontal numbers (1-12) and vertical letters (A-H)
  4. Use of state-of-art precise tool for ultrathin and uniform tube wall
  5. Ultra thin wall technology provides excellent heat transfer effect which leads to maximal amplification
  6. Flange and tapered tube design for effective sealing in order to avoid evaporation and cross contamination
  7. Compatible for most automatic devices (e. g. Roche 480)



Real-time PCR instrumentSupplier
StepOne PlusABI
LightCycler 480Roche
qTOWER 2.0Analytik-Jena
qTOWER 2.2Analytik-Jena
LightCycler 96Roche