DW-HL528S, -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

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•Powerful Control System
•Safety alarm system
•Optimized Foaming Design
•User-friendly and Easy Handling
•USB interface for data storage


Meling -40°C~-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-HL528s comes with updated refrigeration system, ensuring fast refrigeration. And the VIP plus vacuum insulation foaming door brings out perfect temperature performance and reducing overheating in the inner of the cabinet. This laboratory freezer / medical freezer is designed with LED touch screen display for setting temperature in the range of -10°C~-86°C freely with high-precision display of 0.1 °C. This is an energy saving and environmental friendly ultra deep freezer, which is designed in CFC-free mixture refrigerant is environmental friendly. The refrigerant system of the -86°C ultra low temp freezer is adopted Embraco compressor and EBM fans from Germany.

Powerful Control System

DW-HL528s new generation of -40°C~-86°C upright deep freezer provides you with targeted refrigeration system ensuring fast refrigeration. And this refrigeration technology was awarded the Second Prize under State Technological Invention Award.

Safety alarm system

This ultra low temperature freezer enables the audible and visible alarm system, including power failure alarm, high or low temperature alarm, low battery level alarm, sensor failure alarm, door open alarm, system failure alarm, etc.

Optimized Foaming Design

The ultra low freezer has optimized thermal insulation system. It is designed with two-layer heat insulating foaming door. And the inner and outer doors both come with door seal. The solid outer door is equipped with VIP plus vacuum insulation, which can prevent loss of refrigerating capacity.

User-friendly and Easy Handling

The medical / laboratory deep freezer allows you to set inside temperature range from -40°C to -86°C freely on the intelligent 7 inches LED touch screen controller. The high-precision microcomputer control system and platinum resistor sensor enable the temperature precision of 0.1°C.