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The Aura Mini is a partially recirculating downflow cabinet. The Aura Mini laminar flow cabinet is available with both an inward air barrier (to provide operator protection) and an outward air barrier (for maximum product protection). An active PCR version of the laminar flow workstation is also available fitted with a timer and UV lights. This compact benchtop laminar flow cabinets provide all you need to keep your products clean and protected without taking away your lab space.

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  • Centrifugal Motorblower with digital inverter for optimal performance
  • Elapsed time-meter
  • Exhaust filter
  • Removable perforated work surface and back wall of the work chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Cabinet outer surfaces made of cold rolled steel with paint finish
  • Front and side panels in 5mm thick tempered glass
  • H14 class HEPA (EN1822-1)
  • Exhaust filter (or pre-filter) type Filtrete® with a gravimetric efficiency higher than 99% on 3 μm particles
  • Optional cover with UV light (includes safety switch to turn off UV if cover is removed from the cabinet)


Inward air barrier. In this configuration an air barrier flows through the front opening and is recirculated with the downflow air by a motor blower. 70% of the air is returned to the work area through the main HEPA filter and 30% is exhausted into the environment through a Filtrete® exhaust filter with gravimetric efficiency of 99% on 3μm particles. In this configuration an excellent product protection is ensured, as well as an outstanding containment.

Outward air barrier. In this case the air is sucked through the Filtrete® prefilter, mixed with the incoming recirculating air and then filtered through the main HEPA filter into the work area: here 30% of the air is exhausted through the front opening and 70% is recirculated. This configuration ensures the highest product protection. In the OUTWARD configuration this unit can easily be used as an “active PCR” cabinet for DNA carry over blocking.


Active mode PCR:
Outward air barrier model supplied with UV light and timer function for PCR applications.


Control & Alarm System:
Soft touch keys on the control panel provide control of:

  • Fan on/off
  • Lighting
  • UV Lighting

Visible and acoustic alarms are provided for air speed alarm and filter condition.


Technical Specification:

Aura mini – Order Code LV300000


(W x D x H) mm

Work Chamber: 737 x 428 x 510

Overall Size: 895 x 590 x 815

Height on Stand: 1620

Front Opening HT: 180

Air Cleanliness:

BS ISO 14644 Class 5 (Supersedes Federal Standard 209e, Class 100).

EC GMP Grade A (Annex 1, 2015)

Air Velocity:

Downflow: 0.45 – 0.50 m/s


55 kg

Power Supply:

220 / 240 V – 50 Hz


200 Watts

Noise Level:

< 52 dB (A)

Lighting Level:

1200 lux

Options & Accessories:

Option Description

Order Code

UV Lamp fitted on the front metal closure panel with timer for PCR applications


Front closure panel


Support stand with castors