Airstream® Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench For Plant Tissue Culture

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The Ultimate Energy-Efficient, Quiet, and Easy-to-Clean clean benches. Ideal for Plant Tissue Culture

Plant Tissue Culture is one of the most promising branch of plant science, occupying key positions in plant biotechnology, plant breeding and plant propagation. Among the many concerns in plant tissue culture, the sensitivity of its samples to any source of contamination highly influences its success. A single bacterial cell or fungal spore can be fatal to a small plant piece since it can easily contaminate the growth media. It is essential to maintain a sterile environment as much as possible to avoid the contamination of samples, and this can be provided by the use of a laminar flow cabinet.

Introducing Airstream® Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet, designed specifically for plant tissue culture. It offers a combination of smooth and easily cleanable work zone, easy-to-use features, superior filtration efficiency, and energy-efficient technology as part of Esco’s advocacy to produce environment-friendly laboratory equipment. Experience quality protection. Experience innovation.

Key Benefits:

  • ISO Class 4 workzone
  • Glass-enclosed workzone for unobstructed view
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low noise emission
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  • ISOCIDE™ Powder Coat (silver ion-impregnated) that inhibits microbial growth to improve safety.
  • Easy-to-use and robust simple switch controller with pressure gauge to indicate filter load.
  • Energy-efficient DC EC Motor that offers 70% energy savings compared to AC Motor; offers stable airflow, despite voltage fluctuations and filter loading.
  • Excellent performance but with low noise emission at only 52 dBA.
  • Ten times the filtration efficiency of HEPA filter creates ISO Class 4 workzone instead of industry-standard ISO Class 5.
  • Each clean bench is individually factory-tested for safety and performance in accordance with international standards.
  • Esco Airstream® Laminar Flow Clean Benches have been tested for cross-contamination and product protection using microbiological test method adopted from EN12469


Model No.External DimensionsInternal DimensionsAirflow VelocityElectrical
LHG-4DS-F81300 x 1065 x 1105 mm (51.2″ x 41.9″ x 43.5″)1943 x 625 x 578 mm (76.5″ x 24.6″ x 22.8″)0.45 m/s (90 fpm)230 VAC 50/60 Hz
LHG-4DS-F91300 x 1065 x 1105 mm (51.2″ x 41.9″ x 43.5″)1943 x 625 x 578 mm (76.5″ x 24.6″ x 22.8″)0.45 m/s (90 fpm)120 VAC 50/60 Hz