PrO Road.RTL5 Ambient Centrifuge

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PrO-Road.RTL5 Ambient Centrifuge incl 8 x 50ml fixed angle rotor

Road Tarmac Testing Centrifuge Range

Our New PrO-Road range centrifuge:
Designet with an Analytical Chemist and Civil Engineers, we offer state of the art and best value centrifuge for Analytical purpose use.

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Designed to keep sample heating to a minimum, our “Through flow air system” is unsurpassed. Thus keeping not only the samples cool, but the motor too, allowing, if necessary, long run times.

We are aware of the needs of longevity and the need for corrosive or chemical resistance is paramount. Note all bowls in the centrifuge are stainless steel (salt saturation tested)



PrO-Road.RTL5 Ambient Centrifuge

500-6000 Rpm (10 Rpm steps)
Rcf max:
4.800 G
0-99 mins & hold (30 Rpm steps)

BRK5308   Fixed Angle Rotor 8 x 50ml