Disposable Culture Tubes Round Bottom-Rimless

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1. Manufactured from virgin polystyrene and polypropylene.

2. Polystyrene tubes are transparent. Tubes can withstand centrifugation up to 1400xg and temperature at 80°C

3. They are suitable for use with aqueous solutions, mild bases and weak acids but not contact with volatile chemicals.

4. Polypropylene tubes are opaque, break-resistant. Tubes can withstand centrifugation speeds over 3000xg

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C/NDesc. of   ItemSterilityInner   packingCase Qty.
81111Rimless, 12x60mm,3mL, PSN.S.500/bag5000
81121Rimless, 12x60mm,3mL, PPN.S.500/bag5000
81211Rimless, 12x75mm,5mL, PSN.S.500/bag4000
81221Rimless, 12x75mm,5mL, PPN.S.500/bag4000
81311Rimless, 13x75mm,5mL, PSN.S.500/bag4000
81321Rimless, 13x75mm,5mL, PPN.S.500/bag4000
81411Rimless, 13x100mm,8mL, PSN.S.500/bag3000
81421Rimless, 13x100mm,8mL, PPN.S.500/bag3000
81611Rimless, 16x100mm,14mL, PSN.S.250/bag3000
81621Rimless, 16x100mm,14mL, PPN.S.250/bag2500