High capacity sample storage for the low consumption of LN2

Liquid nitrogen containers.

Liquid nitrogen containers are used for long-term storage and transportation of biological specimens in the liquid nitrogen temperature zone (-196°C), such as blood samples, cells, sperm, tissues, vaccines and viruses, etc. of animals, plants or humans.

Mainly are liquid nitrogen containers classified in three categories (aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen container, stainless steel liquid nitrogen container and self-pressurized replenishment container).

About the Product: 

Biobank Series for Large Scale Storage

Aluminum series:

  • Smart series
  • Medical series
  • Lab series
  • Biological series
  • Biological transport series
  • Self-pressurized Series

Cryogenic containers with high vacuum interlayers and super insulation effects, made of aluminum or stainless steel  and used to hold liquid nitrogen.

Biobank Series for Large Scale Storage(-196℃)

Suitable to be used by scientific research institutes, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical and other enterprises, laboratories, blood stations, hospitals, centers for disease control and prevention and other institutions; and are ideal containers for storing blood bags, biological samples, biological materials, vaccines and reagents, etc. and keeping them active.

Key Features

Visual sample management– With large LCD screens, visual management can be realized to make it convenient for users to quickly find and access the samples.

Real-time and accurate monitoring of temperature and liquid level– Real-time monitoring and WeChat(communication APP) or SMS alarm can be realized to guarantee the security of the samples

Hot gas bypass function- Before the injection of liquid nitrogen, the high-temperature nitrogen gas in the pipelines is discharged first to reduce the temperature fluctuation in the containers and ensure the safety of the samples.

Designed for both liquid and vapor phase storage– For vapor phase storage, samples are kept away from the liquid nitrogen while stored in a uniform temperature that is in the temperature range of the crystallized liquid nitrogen

Low energy consumption and more stable container performance– Relying on liquid nitrogen to maintain a low temperature, lower energy consumption is needed; automatic winding machine for winding and multiple vacuum layers can achieve better thermal insulation effects, giving the container more stable performance

Dry wet separation– With independent space design for liquid inlet system, dry wet separation can be realized effectively.

Scientific storage space design: Cryogenic racks are stored above the inner rotating tray with an appropriate distance from the wall of the chamber. Liquid nitrogen or supercooled nitrogen vapor is filled in the space between the tray and the wall to maintain temperature uniformity. Storage space is equally divided into four or six fan-shaped storage rooms which are clearly labeled. Each storage room is easily rotated to the opening of the tank for convenient sample access.

Ultra-high vacuum technology and super insulation technology: The biobank series apply the ultra-high vacuum technology and super insulation technology to ensure storage safety and temperature uniformity while reducing the consumption of liquid nitrogen. The temperature difference of the entire storage area does not exceed 10°C even in vapor phase storage, and temperature near the top of the shelf is as low as -190°C.

Cryosmart intelligent control system: The  biobank series feature the Cryosmart intelligent liquid nitrogen system for complete monitoring and controlling. Reliable high-precision temperature and liquid level sensors are used to ensure the monitoring accuracy