ZN Stain Kit, Methylene Blue

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This stain kit is used for the staining of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other acid fast organisms. The cell walls of Mycobacteria are not readily penetrated so in order to stain Mycobacteria the basic fuchsin is mixed with phenol to make a powerful stain. Heat can be applied to “force “ the stain into the bacillus. Once stained the bacillus is very resistant to decolourisation retaining the stain even when the rest of the preparation has been decolourised

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RRSK244 x 50ml4 x 100ml4 x 250ml4 x 500ml


Kit Contains:
Carbol Fuchsin ZN
TB Differentiator x 2
Methylene Blue (AFB)

General Information:
Procedure Time :  35-45 minute (approximate)
Shelf Life: 3 Years (from date of manufacture)
Storage:  15-25 °C

Acid fast bacilli (M.tuberculosis):                                      Magenta/Red
Cells and background material, other organisms:          Green

1. Dewax sections, hydrate through alcohols and rinse in tap water. For smears flood slides with distilled water
2. Place sample in a 50 ml Coplin jar (or slide mailer 20 ml) of carbol fuchsin. Place in an oven at 37 °C, for smears 20 mins, sections 30 mins
3. Remove from staining solution and place on staining rack and wash well with deionised water for 3-5 minutes
4. Differentiate with TB differentiator until preparation is colourless or pale pink 20-30 seconds.
5. Wash well in tap water for 5 minutes
6. Counterstain with methylene blue (AFB) for 15 seconds
7. Wash well in distilled water
8. Dehydrate rapidly, clear and mount

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