Wheatleys Trichrome Stain Kit

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This stain kit is commonly used for the staining of foecal films to aid in the diagnosis of intestinal protozoa

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Code– 100-200-500-1000
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Kit Contains:
Wheatley’s Trichrome Stain
Wheatley’s Differentiator
Denatured Ethanol 70%
Iodine 2% Alcoholic

General Information:
Procedure Time :  55 minute (approximate)
Shelf Life: 3 Years (from date of manufacture)
Storage:  15-25 °C

Cytoplasm of Protozoan trophozoites:                                                                                                                Blue/Green
Cysts:                                                                                                                                                                          Purple
Nuclei and inclusions (chromatoid bodies, RBC, bacteria, and Charcot-Leyden crystals):                    Red, sometimes tinged with purple


 1. Remove slide from Schaudinn’s fixative, and place slide in 70% denatured ethanol for 5 min
2. Place slide in Iodine 2% alcoholic solution for 1 min for fresh specimens or 5-10 min for PVA-preserved air-dried smears
3. Place slide in 70% denatured ethanol for 5 min
4. Place slide in 70% denatured ethanol again for 3 min
5. Place in trichrome stain for 10 min
6. Place in Wheatley’s differentiator for 1-3 seconds. Immediately drain the rack, and proceed to the next step. Do not allow slides to remain in this solution
7. Dip several times in 100% ethanol (not supplied). Use this step as a rinse
8. Place in two changes of 100% ethanol (not supplied) for 3 min each
9. Place in xylene for 5 min
10. Place in xylene again for 5 min
11. Mount with coverslip (no. 1 thickness) by using mounting medium
12. Allow the smear to dry overnight or after 1 hr at 37°C
13. Examine the smear microscopically with 100X objective. Examine at least 200-300 oil immersion fields


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