ThermoQ – Heat and Chill without Condensation

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ThermoQ is Bioer company’s breakthrough dry bath. It boasts an interchangeable adaptor design and a built in heated lid. Allowing an extensive number of vessel types that can heat to 100°C or chill all the way to 4°C.

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ThermoQ with its user-friendly software allows you to programme up to 9 temperature steps and repeat cycle them up to 99 times, allowing flexible temperature cycling for a multitude of applications. The powerful software also logs the run in real time and produces a report which can be printed on completion of the experiment.
Alternatively using the buttons on the front of the unit enables instant setting of temperatures for simple
incubations. In addition there are 3 block designs to choose from, and these are interchangeable in one easy step, providing a flexible system for various consumables.

Hot-lid Pressure Design 
This may be turned on or off via the PC, according to the needs of the experiment. When switched on, the hot-lid maintains a temperature 10C above the block temperature, minimising evaporation. If the block temperature falls below 15C, the hot-lid is automatically turned off, prolonging the life of the instrument.
Another useful feature is the 24V DC input power, making it suitable for use on a vehicle power supply for sample preservation during transportation.

LAMP, PCA, NASBA, RPA, sample preservation, enzyme
reactions, nucleic acid and protein denaturation
processing, electrophoresis preliminary degeneration and
many more.


HB-Block A              mixed block: 20×0.5ml+15×1.5ml
HB-Block B              35×1.5ml
HB-Block C              54×0.5ml
HB-Block D              96×0.2ml
HB-Block E              35×2.0ml


CHB-Block A        mixed block: 20×0.5ml+15×1.5ml
CHB-Block B        35×1.5ml
CHB-Block C        54×0.5ml
CHB-Block D        96×0.2ml
CHB-Block E         35×2.0ml

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