Specimen Containers, 7ml Bijou, Screw-Cap

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1. Manufactured from virgin polystyrene and polypropylene. All materials are non-cytotoxic

2. Ideal for small volume samples

3. CE Marked in accordance with the European Directive 98/79/EC

4. For In Vitro Use only

5. Leakproof-tested in accordance with BS5213:1975(1989) Appendix A

6. Available pre-filled with boric acid (0.09g) for the preservation of urine samples

7. Containers are available in a full range of label options, no label, plain label and printed label (for the clinical market)

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Cat.   No.DescritionMaterial   / CapPackUnitSterility
22500No labelPS/PPBulk700/caseEO
22501Plain labelPS/PPBulk700/caseEO
22502With Boric Acid, printed   labelPS/PPBulk700/caseEO
22510No labelPP/PPBulk700/caseEO
22511Plain labelPP/PPBulk700/caseEO
22512With Boric Acid, printed   labelPP/PPBulk700/caseEO