Self pressurized Series for LN2-Storage-and-Supply

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Self-pressurized Series for LN₂ storage and supply is the latest innovation for high-performance liquid phase cryopreservation. It’s unique design utilizes the pressure generated from vaporization of small amount liquid nitrogen to discharge LN₂ for other containers. Storage capacities range from 5 to 500 liters.

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Key features:

  • All Models are Equipped with Safety Valve. Models 200L and Above Have Additional Rupture Disc
  • Rotary Ring Construction 
  • Labelled Valves for Easy Identification 
  • All Welded Stainless Steel Construction 
  • 5 year Vacuum Warranty


Technical Parameters Self-pressurized Series for LN2 Storage and Supply

Volume of LN2(L)5153050100150200300500
Static Evaporation*(L/day)0.150.380.7511.31.952.43.35.5
LN2 output(L/Min)2233468810
Outside Diameter(MM)3294044545066067027588571008
Empty Weight(KG)1523325475102130202255