PrO-ED M Centrifuge

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PrO-ED S Centrifuge for Education/Schools

User features to PrO-ED series:
Bright blue LED display
Rotor recognition
10 accelerations rates & 10 deceleration rates
10 program memory
Timer 0-99 minutes & Hold in 30 second increments
Pulse short run
Run in speed (rpm) or rcf (G) in 10 Rpm increments
Sound <60 db (rotor dependent)

Saftey features to PrO-Ed series:
Multi joint lid locking
Emergency lid release
Lid Spring Strut
Lid lock detection
Imbalance detection
Overspeed sensor
Set inverter values
Barrier ring
Motor overheat sensor

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PrO-ED M Centrifuge

♦  Power (watts): 160
♦  Programs   Speed (Rpm)    Time (secs)
One                 500                  600
Two             1.000                  600
Three           2.000                 600
Four             3.000                 600

This centrifuge comes complete with rotors:
BRK5508M Fixed Angle Rotor

BRK5505 Fixed Angle Rotor
BRK5412 Fixed Angle Rotor
BRK5406 Fixed Angle Rotor