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Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) terms

1. Tips designed to fit a wide variety of pipettors. Manufactured from prime quality virgin polypropylene and molded to exact standards to ensure precise measurements.

2. Packaged in resealable bags.

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C/NDesc. of ItemSterilityInner packingCase Qty.
51110Pipette tip, 5 -10 ul,Gilson   crystal, graduated, NaturalN.S.100030000
51121NPipette tip, 1 -200 ul,Gilson   graduated, bevelled.NaturalN.S.100030000
51121YPipette tip, 1 -200 ul,Gilson   graduated, bevelled.YellowN.S.100030000
51120YPipette tip, 5 -200ul,Universal   Gilson, YellowN.S.100030000
51131Pipette tip, 100 -1000   ul,Universal Gilson,graduated, bevelledN.S.50010000
51130Pipette tip, 100 -1000   ul,Universal Gilson,BlueN.S.50010000
51210Pipette tip, 0.5 -10 ul,Eppendorf   crystal,NaturalN.S.100030000
51220YPipette tip, 5 -200ul,Eppendorf   with collar, YellowN.S.100030000
51230Pipette tip, 10 -300ul,Universal   Eppendorf graduated,NaturalN.S.100020000
51240BPipette tip, 100 -1000   ul,Eppendorf with collar, BlueN.S.50010000
51310Pipette tip, 5 -200ul,MLA, NaturalN.S.100020000
51320Pipette tip, 100 -1000   ul,MLA,NaturalN.S.50010000
51410Pipette tip, 5 -200ul,Oxford,   NaturalN.S.100020000
51420Pipette tip, 100 -1000   ul,Oxford,BlueN.S.50010000
51510Pipette tip, 300ul,Extra Long 9cmN.S.50010000
51520Pipette tip, 1000 ul,Extra Long   10.5cmN.S.50010000