YDD-1000-400 Large Capacity LN2-Storage-Systems for Biobanks

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Biobank series for large scale storage is designed to ensure the maximum storage capacity with the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen to lower the overall cost of operation . •Storage space designed to maximise capacity •Designed for both liquid and vapour phase storage •Advanced vacuum and super insulation technologies reduce LN2 consumption •Cryosmart intelligent LN2 control system monitors and controls operation to protect samples •Liquid nitrogen hot gas bypass

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Key features:

  • Large Scale Storage Capacities from 13,000 to 94,875 x Standard 2ml Cryovials 
  • Vapour Phase Storage to Prevent Cross Contamination   
  • Excellent Temperature Uniformity   
  • One-Touch Defogging for Easier Access   
  • Liquid Nitrogen Splash-Proof Feature Provides Safer Operation   
  • Blood Bag Storage Options Available


Technical Parameters for large capacity biobanks series

Volume of LN2(L)3505877838901014134016601880
Volume of LN2 under the tray(L)558080135135265300320
Inside Neck Diameter(MM)326445445465465635635635
Operating Height(MM)1263126612169809509979671097
Outside Diameter(MM)8751104110411901190156515651565
Door Width Requirements(MM)8951124112412101210158515851585
Empty Weight(KG)219328372441495851914985