Masson Trichrome (Light Green) Stain Kit

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This stain kit is used to demonstrate connective tissues. Three dyes are used, each with different selectivity for muscle, collagen fibres and erythrocytes hence the term ‘trichrome’ staining

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Code– 100-200-500-1000
RRSK215 x 50ml5 x 100ml5 x 250ml5 x 500ml


Kit Contains:
Haematoxylin Weigerts (Solution A)
Haematoxylin Weigerts (Solution B)
Phosphotungstic Acid 1% Solution
Ponceau Fuchsin Masson Solution
Light Green Masson (2% Light Green in 2.5% Acetic Acid)

General Information:
Procedure Time : 50 minutes (approximate)
Shelf Life: 3 Years (from date of manufacture)
Storage:    15-25° C.

Nuclei:                                                                        Blue / Black
Cytoplasm, Neuroglia fibres and Muscle:           Red
Collagen and Mucus:                                               Green


1. Prepare Weigert haematoxylin by mixing equal volumes of solution A & B as required
2. Dewax sections, hydrate through alcohols and rinse in tap water
3. Stain nuclei with Weigert’s iron haematoxylin for 20 minutes, wash quickly in water and differentiate in 1% acid alcohol solution (RRSP175 – not supplied), leaving the nuclei slightly overstained
4. Rinse and blue in water
5. Rinse and stain with ponceau fuchsin masson solution for 5 minutes. Rinse in deionised water
6. Differentiate and mordant in phosphotungstic acid for 15 minutes
7. Transfer without rinsing to the light green solution for 3 minutes
8. Rinse in water
9. Dehydrate, clear and mount

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