GeneQ thermal cycler

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Thermal Cycler 24 well Personal GeneQ a compact cycler with superior performance for classic PCR procedures on small numbers of samples


The GeneQ™ Thermal Cycler combines a superior performance, compact structure, a user-friendly interface and reliable results in one machine. For a thermal cycler of this class it provides outstanding performance in its ramping speed, temperature control, accuracy and uniformity of the block.
Quiet running system
Energy saving
Skilful manufacture
Robust Construction
Environmentally friendly
The sample blocks can be changed quickly and easily from 24 x 0.2ml into 18 x 0.5ml without the need to change the hot-lid.

Outstanding performance from the blocks
Faster: >5 C/s maximum heating rate
More accurate: <±0.3 C block temperature accuracy
More uniform: <±0.3 C block temperature uniformity

Super software performance
320 x 240 dot matrix LCD screen, graph display settings and real-time monitoring, clear interface
Complex protocols can be set up with ease
Temperature ramping speeds are adjustable
100 programs storage to help multiple user operation
Choose between block or tube temperature control modes
Incremental/decremental time setting

Adjustable Hot Lid
Both the temperature and pressure of the hot-lid are adjustable, providing greater flexibility to meet the requirements of various applications.

Sample capacity: 24 x 0.2ml, 3x 8-strip or 1x 24-well PCR plate
Temperature range: 4~99.9 C
Heating rate (Maximum): ≥5 C/sec
Cooling rate (Maximum): ≥4 C/sec
Block temperature uniformity: ≤±0.2 C
Block temperature accuracy: ≤±0.2 C
Temperature of Hot-lid: 30C – 110C
Adjustability of Hot-lid press: Yes
Temperature control mode: Block or Tube
Display: 320 x 240 LCD, 3.8 inch display
Graph display: Yes
Program storage: 100 files
Maximum segments: 5
Maximum program steps: 16
Maximum cycles: 99
Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz 200VA
Size (mm): 297 x 212 x 200 (L x W x H)
Net weight: 3.2kg
Interfaces: RS232

Alternative block – TC1212 for 18x 0.5ml tubes (request pricing)


Capacity24 wells
Temperature from (°C)4
Temperature to (°C)99,9
Heating speed (°C/s)5
Cooling speed (°C/s)4
Temperature accuracy (°C)± 0,2
Temperature uniformity (°C)0,2
Weight (kg)3,2
Dimensions w x d x h (cm)25 x 35 x 27