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  • Applications: for platelets, for hospitals

  • Other characteristics: stainless steel, on casters

  • Temperature range: Min.: 22 °C (71.6 °F), Max.: 24 °C (75.2 °F)

  • Capacity: Min.: 140 l (37 gal) , Max.: 140 l (37 gal)

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Product Features

  • The outer surface of the device is made of galvanized steel, painted with electrostatic paint to protect against rust. The inner surface is produced of stainless steel.
  • The door of the incubator has double thermal glazing, it can be locked and has magnetic seal rings. Thus, it provides an opportunity to trace the stocks.
  • The device operates with 195-230 V/50 Hz network voltage.
  • It has been set to 22°C and it is working with 0,5°C tolerance.
  • Provides equal temperature distribution with the strengthened fan system it contains.
  • The lightening of the inner cabin of the device is carried out with LED lightening.
  • A user-friendly digital control panel with a micro processor has been used on the incubator. This system can keep the data in memory for 30 days.
  • There is a USB output to transfer the cabinet temperature information to the computer when requested. In this way, the 10 year old temperature records can be transferred to the PC in excel format.
  • The thermostat at the control panel of the device can make measurements with 0.1 degree sensitivity.
  • There is an accumulator system charged automatically at the control panel of the device. This system allows the control panel and thermal printer to operate for 24 hours when the electricity cutts off.
  • While the incubator is working the device gives alerts with the visual and audio signal when the lower and upper temperature limits are exceeded, the door of the device is left open, and there is electricity cut off or low voltage problems. Sends error codes to the thermal printer and the screen.
  • When the doors opens while while the incubator is working, the fan system and the thrombocyte agitator stops working. The system continues working when the door is closed. If the agitator stops, the incubator continues to give alarm.
  • The cooling system and the insulation system of the device do not contain CFC gas that is harmful for OZONE.
  • All medical devices produced by Emsaş A.Ş. are guaranteed for 2 years.
  • The numerical printout of the data recorded with the thermal
  • printer can be taken.
  • All of our products are produced in line with the ISO 9001:2008, TSE service place competence certificates. The device has CE certificates and UBB record.



Temperature Range+22 / 24°C+22 / 24°C+22 / 24°C
Set Point+22°C+22°C+22°C
Capacity1 Agitator (EAJ05/09)2 Agitator (EAJ05/09) or 1 Agitator (EAJL09)6 Agitator (EAJ05/09) or 3 Agitator (EAJL09)
Stainless Steel Inner Body Cr-Ni+++
Digital Microprocessor+++
Thermal PrinterStandard FeatureStandard FeatureStandard Feature
Alarm(Temperature,Open Door,Electricity)+++
Interior Lighting+++
External DimensionsWxLxH mm600x695x8951220x697x895697x1215x2000
Internal DimensionsWxLxH mm495x572x4951117x572x495580x1162x1600
Packed DimensionsWxLxH mm620x715x10551240x717x1055737x1615x1600
Gross WeightKg84120200
Door Lock+++
Castors (2 Braked / 2 Regular)+++


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