DW-FL270, -40°C Low-temperature Freezer

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•High-efficiency refrigeration system

•High-precision temperature control

•Reliable security system

•Human-oriented design

•Two-layer thermal insulating foamed door

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Meling -20°C ~-40°C low temperature freezer DW-FL270 is a high quality low temperature freezer with stable performance. It is equipped with international famous refrigeration system, which is high-efficiency and environmental friendly. And the condenser is designed perfectly for temperature stability and refrigeration system reliability. This low temp freezer is designed for laboratory and medical grade and best for storage of special materials, blood plasma, vaccine and biological products.

High-efficiency Refrigeration System

The environmentally friendly Freon-free refrigerant and high-efficiency enclosed compressor supplied by a famous brand can ensure energy saving and low noise. The condenser installed on the bottom ensures temperature stability and system reliability.

High-precision Temperature Control
The high-precision computerized temperature control system ensures an adjustable temperature within a range from -20 to -40℃ inside the cabinet.

Reliable Security System

The well-developed audible & visual alarm system (sensor failure alarm, high temperature/low temperature alarm, etc.) makes it safer for storage. The turn-on delay and stopping interval protection function can ensure reliability in running;

Human-oriented Design
The built-in door gasket is dustproof and easy to clean. And it is equipped with ABS engineering plastic liner. The adjustable front screws facilitate easy movement.