Colloidal Iron Stain Kit (Muller)

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This stain kit is used for the detection of acid mucopolysaccharides and is based upon the attraction of ferric cations in a colloidal ferric oxide solution for the negatively charged carboxyl and sulfate groups of acid mucins and proteoglycans. The tissue bound ferric ions are visualised by treatment with potassium ferrocyanide to form bright blue de posits of ferric ferrocyanide or prussian blue

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Code– 100-200-500-1000
RRSK1005 x 50ml5 x 100ml5 x 250ml5 x 500ml


Kit Contains:
Ferric Chloride 29% aqueous solution
Colloidal Perls Reagent B (5% Potassium Ferrocyanide)
Acetic Acid 25% aqueous Solution
Neutral Red 0.5% Aqueous Solution
Colloidal Perls Reagent A (5% Hydrochloric Acid)

General Information:
Procedure Time : 100 minutes (approximate)
Shelf Life: 3 Years (from date of manufacture)
Storage: Store Perls Reagent 2-8°C. Other components 15-25°C

Proteoglycans, acid mucins, hyaluronic acid:   Bright Blue
Collagen:                                                                    Pale Blue
Nuclei:                                                                         Red

Working Stock Solution

  1. Stock Colloidal Iron Solution – Bring 62.5mls of distilled water to the boil and add 1.1ml of the ferric chloride (29%) solution. Continue to boil until the solution turns dark red, at which time the solution should be removed from the heat and cooled. This working solution is stable for 1 year
  2. Colloidal Iron Working Solution – Mix 1 part of the stock iron solution with 1 part of the 25% acetic acid solution. Prepare fresh prior to staining
  3. Colloidal Perls Working Solution – Mix 1 part of stock Colloidal Perls A with 1 part stock Colloidal Perls Mix well and use fresh


  1. Dewax sections, hydrate through alcohols and rinse in tap water
  2. Treat with diluted acetic acid (12% – 1 part of 25% acetic acid to 1 part distilled water) for 1 minute
  3. Cover the test slide (not control) with colloidal iron working solution for 1 hour
  4. Rinse in diluted acetic acid solution for 3 minutes. Repeat 4 times
  5. Place test and control slide in freshly prepared colloidal Perls solution for 20 minutes
  6. Rinse briefly in distilled water
  7. Stain with 0.5% neutral red solution for 5 minutes
  8. Rinse well in water and blot dry
  9. Dehydrate quickly, clear and mount

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