2~8 ℃ / -10~25℃ Combined Fridge Freezer YCD-FL289L

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Meling YCD-FL289 combined fridge freezer with 2~8 ℃ upper and -10~25℃ lower. It is designed with 2 compressor, high-precision computerized temperature control, and the thermal insulation system is CFC-free.

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Environmentally Friendly & High-efficiency
Environmentally-friendly Freon-free refrigerant and high-efficiency compressor supplied by
an international famous brand ensure energy saving and high efficiency.
Refrigeration System
Two compressors and separate control of the upper refrigeration chamber and the lower
freezing chamber.
High-precision Computerized Temperature Control
The digital temperature display can indicate operating status clearly, and users may set
the high temperature/low temperature alarm points based on their needs.
Thermal Insulation System
The CFC-free polyurethane foam technology and the thicker insulating layer can improve
the effect of thermal insulation.