PARATEST is a “Top 10 Innovation” as recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Complete system for parasitological analysis of feces.

The PARATEST system’s patented self-contained, single-vial design coupled with up to 15-day morphology stability offers a safer, cleaner, cost effective, and more flexible alternative to existing fecal examination systems and products. In what is expected to become the new standard, this innovative system is uniquely eco-friendly, provides highly accurate results in less time than existing tests, and can be easily performed in the office or lab without special equipment or training.  The PARATEST system can test for a wide range of common parasites that companion animals can be infected by in all climates and geographies and helps ensure an accurate diagnosis to start the appropriate treatment quickly.

Considered by WHO as one of the 8 MOST INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES in the World.


About the Product: The Science Behind PARATEST®

PARATEST® is an exceptional product that utilizes passive sedimentation through a patented 266 micron filter. Our unique passive sedimentation technique eliminates the need for centrifugation and has been proven to provide accurate results for both heavy and light eggs and oocysts.

The simplified processing method paired with the fifteen day room temperature stability preserves the technician’s valuable time by allowing for the batching and testing of multiple samples.

With a specific gravity below 1.02 g/mL, the solution allows sedimentation of parasites and oocysts with variable densities to occur without interference. And, with the presence of our eco-friendly fixative, even the most delicate oocysts retain their morphology for a clear microscopic read.

Small Bottle, Big Benefits

• Self-contained system
with no additional material to buy
• Non-toxic & non-hazardous
• No centrifugation needed
• 15 minutes scoop to scope
• 15 day fixed morphology of parasites


PARATEST® contains the first and only non-toxic biodegradable preservative in the most efficient parasitological system available to the veterinary market. Its non-aggressive formula replaces dangerous fixative solutions, offering safety to both lab technicians and the environment.

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